Tuesday, 5 December 2017

    Microsoft Excel APK v16.0.8730.2050 Latest Download Free for Android

    Download Free Microsoft Excel Latest Version Android APK

    Microsoft Excel is an important and a great part of those who are working on computer in their offices. This is must have software for all those people who are using desktops, laptops and other computer systems. As you know since big computers are being substituted by small devices and smart phones, Microsoft Excel also offered in its mobile phone version. Now Microsoft Excel is available for android phones and tablets in the form of android app. Download this amazing android APK from down here on this page and install it for your android device to make your way more easiest. Now you can make excel sheets, view, edit and share your excel files with your colleagues and others more quickly and easily. You can easily make your sheets and other excel format works anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if you are out office or where ever you can continue your work on your android device or smart phone. Download and install this app to your move your office with you.
    Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet that lets you make outlines, separating data and running formulas. With you can implement the most complex formulas with amazing features. All worksheets have lines, fragments, cells, and sustain equations to crunch statistics. With it you can easily do accounting work, auditing, finance or any other excels work anywhere with more confidence. 
    Microsoft Excel on android provides you a significant lot of the identical durable software determines in Excel on a PC system. It lets you to analysis your audit, accounting or financial scrutiny or you can make a budget on the palm of your hand. Modify your database according your way of style with strong configuring tools and phenomenal features. Go beyond beliefs will even recommend a plan sort, taking into account the figures you select. It also gives the experiences to create your worksheet to meet your specific requirements as they are associated to accounting, finance or auditing. 
    Download Free Microsoft Excel Latest Version Android APK
    With this application you can also sorting and straightening out material that arrange and scrutinize information, and planning devices for cells. With it you can also drags control to highlight cells drag around graphs. It let you to analysis your Excel archives related to any kind of work from any android device. You can easily edit your data or update your job list from anywhere. You can sort and filter columns to attention your evaluation. Make duplicate hide and unhide sheets in any workbook with Microsoft Excel APK. Create records highlight portions of your worksheet, make shapes and write mathematical equations by using the draw tab feature of the app on your android device with touch experiences. 
    In addition to you can share documents with a single tap and quickly invite others to edit, view or leave comments openly in your workbooks. You can also copy content form your worksheet another worksheet without using any formulas. Sharing is very simple and easy as connection you can share files over Bluetooth, Android Beam, through email message or into Google Drive with its format intact. You can also provide an opportunity to the payee to modification or just view the work you have done. By using Microsoft’s Internet formulating management and Google Cloud Print you can similarly print any record from the Office applications.
    So download the latest APK file of Microsoft Excel from below give link for free. Install the app on your android device or tablet and start doing your office works on your android device.
    Microsoft Excel APK is offered by Microsoft Corporation and it requires android 4.4 and up. 

    Thursday, 23 November 2017

    Dream League Soccer 2018 APK Latest Version Download Free for Android

    Download Free Dream League Soccer 2018 Latest Version Android APK

    Dream League Soccer 2018 is now available here in APK format for free. It is really good news for football fans who loves to play soccer on their android device. Download the Dream League Soccer APK 2018 down here on this page for free. As you know soccer is changed now, it’s improved than ever. And this is your chance to get the best soccer game to play on your android device or tablet. 
    This exciting soccer APK lets you build up a best team on the earth. You can recruit real football superstars to make your own dream team. You can build up your own soccer stadium and take the glob with dream league online as you go towards soccer glory. Manage your dream soccer team by sign up world class players such as Gareth Bale and Andres Iniesta to make your very own dream soccer team. Pick out your formation, perfect your style and take on any team who stands in your tactic as you going up over six leagues to top the high-status elite division.
    Be ready and be prepared your team for every new game. Be strategic to form a challenging and addictive experience. With all latest and fresh graphics, accurate animatronics and dynamic game-play Dream League Soccer 2018 is the best soccer platform for you which locking up the real spirit of the attractive soccer game. You can also build up your online dream team against very best in the planet of earth. You need to work well on your method through the ranks to show your dream team is the best throughout the world. 
    Download Free Dream League Soccer 2018 Latest Version Android APK

    Features of Dream League Soccer 2018 APK:

    • Dream League Soccer 2018 is completely free download and install. 
    • This beautiful soccer game is free to play, but you can get extra stuff and in game objects may be cost for actual currency. 
    • You can earn coins during gameplay or can get by watching videos and can also by buy in package ranges. 
    • You can download the game content by using Wi-Fi or mobile data. After downloading the game you can disable mobile data usage on this game within settings of your device data. 
    • This game brings you the most realistic Dream League Soccer involvement to your palm of hand. 
    • You are free to make your own dream team and control it according to your way. 
    • You can work on your team on your manner in six divisions and put your team in different trophy competitions. 
    • You are free to sign contracts with soccer superstars to engage them for whole season competitions and improve them with more accuracy and intent.
    • In this game you are allow to build up your own stadium to vitrine your soccer superstars. 
    • You can also make logos and select kits for your dream team according to your choice.
    • It is compatible for all kind of android smart phones and tablets. 
    • It is very simply and easy to play and it comes with exclusive soundtrack. 
    So download the latest APK file of the Dream Soccer League 2018 form below given link for free just in single click. Install the game on your android device or tablet and enjoy the best soccer game on the go.
    Dream League Soccer 2018 APK is offered by First Touch and it requires android 4.1 and up.

    Sunday, 19 November 2017

    Google Play Store APK Latest Version Download Free for Android

    Download Free Google Play Store Latest Version Android App

    Google Play Store is an eventual market store for all types of apps and games of android platform. Google Play Store is in fact a vast android applications market where you can get all and very kind of apps and games by fee download or you can purchased apps and games. Initially it was introduced as an Android Market but later on its name reformed to the very famous and a gorgeous Google Play Store. 
    Google Play APKs, Google Play Movies and T.V, Google Play music and other Google Play stuffs all come Google Play, even though these apps are separately installed on your android smart phone or tablet along with Google Play Store. It covers an enormous kind of material. In fact it is the largest door for all kind of android applications and games available there. Being such a biggest android market place Google Play is very easy to use for users. This attractive store has all the applications and games racked up in isolated shelves from there users can simply pick their desirable one. 
    Download Free Google Play Store Latest Version Android App
    Google Play Store doesn’t available in each and every country of the world due to restrictions Google of that particular country. But it is available in most of the countries of world and it makes available all apps and games for android devices. Whenever you wish to download any fresh app or game every now and then on your android tablet, you would well be familiar with the famous Google Play Store. It is very easy to use. Before going to use it just download the APK file of Google Play Store from below given link on this page on your android device or tablet. Then just tap on the icon to operate and use it. For using this famous play store you must logged into Google or make Gmail account. Once you make a Gmail account or logged in, you will be able to access the world of android applications and games at the palm of your hand. 
    Google Play Store has made it all the easiest by having all the android applications and games characterized for the ease of its operators. You can download all free android apps and games from different place and you can purchase all the paid apps and games from another place on Google Play itself. The uniqueness of this well-known APK is that you can always stay informed the latest happenings taking place in the world of android on Google Play. 
    Even if Play Store is a completely attired store for the whole thing to be as it doesn’t countenance porn and other similar type of stuff to be accessible on it. However some may perhaps find their technique in, conversely a lesser amount of they might be in number, and if you feel bother or feel bumpy then you can go in the settings in the right top corner of the APK and come down to content clarifying, in settings you can fixed whether you need Google Play to display you a porn material or you don’t want show it.
    Moreover you can control your in-app acquisitions by allowing Google Play unchecked your Google account password as a result if kids have been playing any game on your android smart phone they don’t by mistake acquisition applications or games. To download this best android apps and games market store just follow the below given link to get its free APK. Install it on your device and get all apps and games for your android device or tablet.
    This great Market APK is offered by Google LLC and it requires android 2.3 and up.

    Thursday, 16 November 2017

    PhotoDirector Photo Editor APK v5.5.7 Latest Download Free for Android

    Download Free PhotoDirector Photo Editor Latest Version Android APK

    PhotoDirector is a real manager of your photographs and images. This amazing and cool app change your android device or smart phone photos and make them look like they were taken on Nikon or Canon cameras. You can do everything with your photographs to this wonderful photo director application. This app has several incredible and enriched features to offer you with the best ever Photoshop expertise. With it you can easily Photoshop your portable images, boost landscape pictures and make a specialized quality artwork form a normal snap. It offers lot of frames to select form, lot of filters and lots of other features to apply on your photos to give them cheerful mystic touch to your photographs. 
    The app lets you to change your causal photos into incredible pieces of high quality of artwork with the just period of minutes. Editing of photos is too fast and too effective with this app. This feature rich tool offer you with lots of features privileged the app to entertain you and satisfy your need to develop incredible snaps. This app also offers richly artistic collage maker that lets you change with a pictorial histogram. You can make attractive and fascinating collages and modify color balance according to your need. The app lets you to composure or saturation, or put on snap effects and modifications to a whole photo or specific areas of snap. You can use different picture filters with just single touch to put lens flash special effects or make bright leaked snapshots. PhotoDirector offers you a catholic range of tools to that lets you to change your routine photos into spectacular arty work. 
    Download Free PhotoDirector Photo Editor Latest Version Android APK
    This wonderful app provides very powerful and easy editing tools. With these editing tools you can correct color passages in your image to simply colorize your photos and modify white balance. You can easily change tone with brightness, exposure, darkness and contrast sliders. With it you can apply live photograph effects on your snaps and apply a wide spectrum of progressive camera features when you use the in app camera feature. PhotoDirector lets you to take out a photograph bomber or undesirable items from your snapshots with fast content aware removal editing tools. 
    You can use the blender tool to add an extra photo or effect layer to your photo. The attached object to desktop layer editing on your android device! You can also increase mood and chic to your photos with one click overlaps. Use linear and radiated blur utensils let you to make a variety of creative photo effects from bokeh to tilt shift. Take a photo directly into the app or boost and regulate photos from your device gallery. Apply powerful editing and adjustment tools to make more elegant and creative one. You can also share your artistic work with your friends and family on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and so on. 
    Download the latest APK file of PhotoDirector from below given link for free. Install the app on your android device or tablet and get all the best features you want to improve and standardize photos in single app.
    PhotoDirector APK is offered by CyberLink. com and it requires android 4.1 and up.

    Wednesday, 15 November 2017

    ROM Manager APK v5.5.3.7 Latest Version Download Free for Android

    Download Free ROM Manager Latest Version Android App

    ROM Manager is an incredible tool for all kind of rooted android devices. It is the must have app for every android user. This must have application lets you to manage and run ROMs by downloading and installing them right from the SD card with great ease. If you have allowed root access on your android phone or tablet then ROM Manger is best solution for you to manage ROMs. It allows the users to organize easy backups or ROMs on your android phone and can bring back them at any time whenever you required them. You can make advanced and complex operations on your android devices with the help of ROM Manager App. 
    When you installed the ROM Manager on your android device it might request you to grant the approval for get into your Google account statistics. This is for the reason that web connect requires your Google account right to use to connect to your android phone for its process. The App has a friendly user interface that lets the user to bring out tasks with great ease. It is much useful tool to use for every android user to manage the ROMs of their android devices or tablets. 
    Download Free ROM Manager Latest Version Android App
    The ROM Manager also offers premium version. In the premium version of the app you can get many advance features. With the premium version of the app you can get notifications when your device ROM is updated. You can save your data plan by making updates through the zip compression. Backups can be done automatically via premium version of the ROM Manager application. The App’s backup download server lets you to download ROM backups and allows you to transfer them as flash able zips to your computer. 
    If you don’t have the installation archives on your android phone’s SD card, then you can recover them from any unknown source because ROM Manager helps the installation and update of archives in excess of the air. The uniqueness of the premium version of the ROM Manager is its ClockworkMod Touch Recovery. Suppose some functions of ROM Manager are completely ceased, then the premium features would continue working with ClockworkMod without any concern. However, new recoveries do not port and build themselves. 
    Download the latest APK file of ROM Manager from by following below given link for free. Install the Apps APK on your android device or tablet and manage ROMs of your android devices as well organize your devices backups. 
    ROM Manager offered by ClockworkMod and it requires Android 2.2 and up.

    Tuesday, 14 November 2017

    MoreLocale2 APK v2.3.1 Latest Version Download Free for Android

    Download Free MoreLocale2 Latest Version Android APK

    Change your android mobile phones language.
    MoreLocale2 is an android app that lets you to add more languages on your android device. This useful application provides you an opportunity to add multiple languages in your android handset or tablet to improve your overall browsing involvement. Mostly android devices doesn’t backing such dialects by default, and their native finds, as a result for the user who find any trouble in via such kind of mobile phone which is short of their specific language, MoreLocale2 android app is the top choice for such users to solve their problems. Suppose you are in European countries you can rapidly explore in German, Spanish, Portuguese, and French and so on. While if you are in Gulf countries you will quickly browse Arabic and English by using your android smart phone. 
    With MoreLocale2 you can easily find your preferred language on your android handset. To do that you just need to make available default localization and optionally bring in localization for further locations, as a result you can get an approach in message structure blocks by their IDs. Then you will have to change the language by in settings of your android device for different locales. If your locale doesn’t appear or desire language is not supported in your area then please use custom locale function in menu to change the default locale.
    Download Free MoreLocale2 Latest Version Android APK
    As you are well aware of that the android platform grants the one portion of the localization of the structure application of your android devices, and the maker of the device or the firmware “ROM” lets the other portion of them. Therefore the MoreLocale2 only offers the locale for itself and not for any of the rest of structure. You can find out the system locates in a folder called frame-workers APK. These archives have all the graphics for your android devices and the archives of the language as well. If your handset doesn’t support the specific language that you wish to change, MoreLocale2 will be not capable to change to it. 
    In addition to this, after the 4.2 new Jelly Bean, the safety level definition of modification configuration has been transformed. If you are capable to use improvement gears, you can get the authorization yourself by “pm” command. The uniqueness of MoreLocale2 is that, it could get the permission automatically if you have the SuperUser privilege on your android handset. This app lets you choose more locales. If you have any trouble in receipt of areas, then please use custom locale function in the menu. 
    Download the latest APK file of MoreLocale2 from below given link just in a single click for free. Install the app on your android device or tablet and start to add your desirable language. Stay tuned for more useful apps and games. have a joyful life ahead.
    This language changing android app is offered by C-LIS CO. LTD. (CLIS Crazy Lab) and it requires android 1.5 and up

    Thursday, 9 November 2017

    Camera 360 Ultimate APK v8.9.3 Latest Download Free for Android

    Download Free Camera 360 Ultimate Latest Version Android App

    Camera 360 Ultimate APK is count as the top app on Google Play in many countries all around the world. It is an eventual photo editing tool which has over than 500 million users throughout the world having top rank from the community of photography. This high rated android mobile app also counted as the top one photography app more than 9 countries. Download free APK of this ultimate camera from below on this page and start editing images. 
    Camera 360 Ultimate APK has many professional editing tools, several funny stickers and motion stickers, beautiful poster templates, attractive art filters and dozens of unique video effects. You can apply all theses to edit your most loved images and make them more elegant than ever. The funny stickers are classified in different types, like smooth stickers, gesture stickers, music stickers, animated stickers and etc. you can make a lot of fun with these smart stickers. These are much clever to make out your face to assist you so you as to twig these stickers on your image faces. The app also offers blushing cheeks, beards, ears, tears, bow-ties, etc. when you fixed these stickers concordant to stick on your images face, then you will not need to wish them once more. 
    Make perfect selfie with Camera 360 Ultimate. Converted an idol in one step with default splendor effects and make more stylize your photos with beauty camera selfie art filters. You can make big eyes, slim nose, small face, charming lips and whatever you want. Simply tap your selfie with quick and easy features of the app to get best result. Set sharpness, tint, contrast, exposure, saturation, vignette, shadow and highlight for your pictures while you editing it with this ultimate app. You can apply dozens of color filters to balance up color and give a good look to your picture. To make your photo more elegant remove blemishes, make whiten and smooth skin, enlarge and brighten eyes, face lift and more with this ultimate camera app. 
    Download Free Camera 360 Ultimate Latest Version Android App
    With Camera 360 Ultimate you can make videos by holding down capture button and share your videos and photos on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with your friends and get comments, likes and feedback from them. The app offers several exclusive filters to make your pictures more beautiful by applying a new filter every day to surprise your friends and colleagues. This filter enrich application makes you an experience and professional photographer
    Camera 360 Ultimate lets you take most elegant selfie by using its quick fix feature to have goodness in just single step. Capturing snaps and selfies are is far easiest on this app. Just tap on the screen of your android device or table to take photo and selfie. It also offers night selfie mode. Photo editing is very easy with this ultimate app. If you are not a good editor then no need to get worry about it because each and every thing is very simple and straightforward in this app. You just swipe your finger around the photo and very shortly you will come to be a professional photo editor by using Camera 360 Ultimate. You can apply color, tint, whiten, crop, rotate, and tilt correction to edit your photos and also improve your editing expertise quickly
    This ultimate camera APK has very innate and very easy interface from where users can access of all its features. All it takes is a few taps on the screen of your android device. If you wish to give a light blur color to your photo or if you want to set a frame with beautiful background to your picture then just a single tap is enough to do it. The promises of this camera app are really incredible. Moreover the app offers several creative photo collages; heart touching photo frames, beautiful layouts, tremendous photo grid and more you. 
    Download the latest APK file of Camera 360 APK from below given link for free. Install it on your android device and start editing your photos like a professional editor
    This beautiful photography app is offered by PinGuo Inc. and it requires android 4.0.3 and up.