Advanced Download Manager (ADM) for Android

About Advanced Download Manager (ADM) APK

Advanced Download Manager (ADM) Advanced Download Manager is the best Android app for your Android device or Android tablet to download all types of files from the web. You can download every kind of files in the easiest way with this app. It helps to get any type of content from the Internet or Web with great speed. 
It offers lots of great and useful features, so that is why it is known as all-time featured android APK. If you are worried about your default browser’s manager because of its poor downloading speed then ADM is the best solution for you to get all files from the web at blazing fast speed. 
Advanced Download Manager is a much powerful downloader that helps you to grab two movies at a time within a very short period of time. You can easily and constantly grab non-Torrent files on your android dives or tablet with ADM. 
Furthermore, as I said this android app is known as featured app due to having bundles of more useful and stunning features. Therefore, get this featured APK file from below on this page and enjoy download web files at super-fast speeds. Features of ADM are listed below. 

Features of Advanced Download Manager APK:

  • It makes your way easier by downloading 3 simultaneous items from the internet. And speed up the process by breaking larger files into smaller parts. 
  • Resume pause capability for failure downloads and you can continue them in backgrounds. 
  • ADM offers an exceptional algorithm for the greatest possible speed. And helps faster downloading on all types of networks including Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G networks. 
  • You can change the maximum speed of downloading the file in real time with ADM. 
  • It also lets you get video and audio files with great speed. 
  • ADM supports the bulky size of files even above 2GB and analogous files in the queue as well. 
  • It allows you to download stuff only in Wi-Fi mode and saves your data cost. 
  • You can choose the folder and to save different types of data in different and separate folders. 
  • ADM automatically stops or resumes downloading stuff in case of link breakdown or if your device battery charges level is low and auto resume after any type of errors and breakage of net connection. 
  • In addition to this, you can sort your data in order to, size, and names. And can open complete data through your desirable apps. 
  • ADM gives you information about downloading stuff such as speed, size, and time. And notifies you about its completion by sound or beep. 
  • You can start and stop you ongoing stuff by a simple click on the button. And by a simple tap on it to open complete download material. 
  • Advanced Download Manager does not support to get YouTube folders under the rules. 
For all these and many others great and powerful features simply grab the free APK of this app from below given URL link. Install it on your android device or android phone and enjoy getting superb download solutions. To get the latest APK of ADM just click the following link and start to grab files on your Android device and Android phone or tablet.
It offered by DimonVideo and it requires Android 4.0 and up. 

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