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Nova Launcher APK Download for Android

The description of Nova Launcher APK 

Nova Launcher APKOur today’s tutorial is about Nova Launcher free APK. You can download it from our site for free of cost. Nova Launcher is one of the highly customizable and most downloadable personalization apps for Android mobile phones and tablets. It is the best alternative of your home screen and uplifts the performance of your device. This launcher application has been considered the top launcher for latest Android smartphones and tablets and it offers the full embracing material design throughout. It is highly optimized to perform its task more quickly and quietly. Keeping the animations smooth and allowing you to use your smartphone as fast as you can move your fingers. Replace your device home screen with this great app. you can customize and personalize your Android smartphone’s screen and can change layouts, icons, animations and more with ultimate launcher APK.

It is the much-loved launcher for every user. Usually, such type of launchers and personalization applications are available in the Android market which only stresses and brings the design and look on your Android smartphone. But Nova Launcher gives you something extra than other launcher apps. It improves your device performance with great design and attractive look. The developers of this also focus on the unique layouts and stylish designs to make your device screen more elegant and perfect look. The developers of Nova Launcher are also making sure it that the app doesn’t consume lots of resources on the target device. So, this launcher makes your mobile device faster to the highest probable level. You can frequently say it is the great source to heighten up the performance and personalization customs on your Android devices and smartphones. All these promises carried on your Android smartphone or tablet by Nova Launcher only. Moreover, this Nova Launcher comes with lots of great features which are listed below. 

Features of Nova Launcher APK: 

Icon Themes: You can search out thousands of customized icon themes for Nova Launcher which let you customizes your Android device or smartphone’s screen into the advanced one. You will also find several types of customized layouts and many other UI sections in an easy approach. 

Colour Controls: you can customize the colour arrangements and input your desired colour for labels, unread badges, folders, drawer tabs and backgrounds. You can easily organize and describe which colour should be consolidating in the designs of your Android phone or tablet. In such a custom you can make a beautiful home screen of your device. 

Custom Grid: You can get even more control as compare to ordinary launchers. Nova Launcher lets you constitute the rows and columns to fit all your required widget and apps. It also lets you snap icons or widget halfway through the desktop grid cell of your device. 

App Drawer: With App Drawer of Nova Launcher user can place customized custom tabs. You can easily add custom effects to different parts of the drawer and it also provides the scroll effects and custom effects the effect include cube and card stack and more. You can easily scroll vertically or horizontally.

Infinite Scroll: Infinite Scroll is the unique and most popular feature of Nova Launcher. You will not be far away from your most loved page, loop through your desktop or drawer continuously. Suppose Infinite Scroll take in Twitter tweets, where tweets are loaded and publicized infinitely. Keep scrolling down on the same page you can view more stuff. So, you can see more and more content without quitting the current page. Only Nova Launcher provides this opportunity also where you scroll down to an infinite level for the content shown on the home screen of your Android smartphone or tablet. 

Backup/Restore: It offers a sophisticated backup/restore technique that lets you create a backup/restore for your device desktop layout and launcher settings. for example, if you lost your Android device, you buy a new one or just you want to restore the factory settings of your phone or tablet, you can easily restore your most loved home screen layout on your new device by using the backup/restore feature of Nova Launcher. 

Scrollable Dock: Nova Launcher allows you to create multiple scrollable docks on your smartphone. Once you create scrollable docks then you can easily scroll these scrollable docks within them. You can also create new multiple folders. 

Widgets in Dock: You can also create widgets in docks and you can easily place any of widget in your docks like 4x1 music player widget and many more you can create with Nova Launcher. 

Import Layout: Nova Launcher automatically imports layouts from most popular launchers including the one that came from your own Android phone or tablet. You don’t need to recreate your desktop from scratches. 

All above-discussed features you can get on Nova Launcher Free APK. If you want to access even more features, then you have to download the Prime version of Nova Launcher which lets you access some other features. If you purchase Nova Launcher Prime then you will be able to unlock the following extra features. 

Features of Nova Launcher Prime APK:

Gestures: In Nova Launcher Prime, you can describe gestures to open several apps as well as you can do certain other tasks such as swipe, pinch, double tap and more on the home screen to open your much-loved apps. 

Unread Counts: The unread counter lets you notify the unobserved events like unread messages and so on. Now you will never miss a message. Unread count badges for Hangouts, SMS, and Gmail and more, now it notifies you about your unnoticed events. 

Custom Drawer Groups: Now you can categorize all your existing apps into custom tabs and folders within the app drawer group. You can also create new tabs and folders in the app drawer. 

Hide Apps: The uniqueness of Nova Launcher Prime is it has the capability to hide never used or rarely used apps and games. This is the really great feature of the launcher which keeps clean app drawer by hiding never used or rarely used apps and games. 

Icon Swipes: Set custom actions for swiping on app shortcuts or folders to get more use out of your device desktop and dock icons by setting swipe-actions. 

More scroll effects: Infinite scrolls, such as swipe, accordion, throw and many more scroll effects have been added in the prime version of Nova Launcher APK. 

Now it’s up to you either you are going to download the free version of the Nova Launcher or its Prime version. Download the free version of Nova Launcher APK by following below given URL link. And for downloading Prime version of Nova launcher you can click here.

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