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Download Free WhatsApp Plus (WhatsApp+) Apk For Android

WhatsApp Plus ApkSocial media is the collective of online communications networks enthusiastic to community-based involvement, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration. With social media, you can make and share the statistics, ideas, career, the field of interests and many other ways of appearance by means of virtual communications and webs. It enables the improvement of online social platforms by linking a user’s profile with those of other persons or clusters. Users usually right to use social media facilities through net based tools on computers, laptops or download services that offer social media functionality to their mobile devices such as smart android phones and tablets. While engaging with these facilities, users can build extremely communicating networks through which persons, groups, and societies can share, co-create, debate, and amend user-created content or pre-made content shared online.

There are several social media platforms you can use for communications and other activities. Some of the most common social media platforms are Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, WeChat, Pinterest, VK, WhatsApp and Wikipedia. These social media sites have more than 10 billion registered users. In this tutorial, I am sharing with you yet another interesting and amazing social app that will bring a big change in your life and you will enjoy its every feature. That is WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp+ for Android which fulfilling the needs of users.

WhatsApp Plus (WhatsApp+) APK:

WhatsApp+ APK is a modified version of original WhatsApp for Android mobile phones and tablets. Means it can provide you with better service and features and it also unlocks all the paid features. With this amazing messaging app you can send a message directly to WhatsApp servers in a similar way as you can do with the Original WhatsApp. It lets you chat privately in offline mode and can do several other cool things which are not available in the regular WhatsApp APK. This cracked version app lets you unlock many more aspects that you can’t do with its native app. this modified version will give you lots of new and advanced features.

This latest version of the app will work better and you will found it very interesting. This modified version is developed by an enthusiastic Spanish developer Rafale in the year 2012. He aims to inform reasonable services in the real development of modern technology. So, that’s why he creates this extra featured Plus version Android application for private communications. It is very similar to the original app but it offers several customization features than the native one. So, download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK from below given download URL source for free.

How to download and install WhatsApp Plus APK?

Downloading an installing of this delightful communicating application is pretty easy and simple process. It could be easier if the APK was available on Google Play Store but it is the cracked version of an official app, therefore, it cannot be uploaded on the Play Store. Anyhow Just follow the given guidelines for downloading and installing of the app via its APK.
  • At first, you need to download WhatsApp Plus APK from below given download source for free. 
  • You need to have an Android smartphone and have a stable internet connection or mobile data download the app. 
  • Once the download is completed simply tap on the icon of the app in the notification bar. 
  • Don’t forget to enable unknown sources in the setting menu of your device. It is a simple process where you have just put a tick in the required portion. 
  • Go to your device settings > Security > Unknown Source > check to enable it. 
  • Then simply tap on APK file of the app and install it on your android system device. 
  • After completion of installing process, open the app via its APK, and accept the terms and conditions and put in your cell number in it. 
  • Then input your mobile number it will send a one-time password (OTP) Validation code. 
  • You need to verify your number in WhatsApp+ after receive a verification code and then input your name and select profile pictures from the gallery of your device or take an instant selfie. 
  • Now successfully installed WhatsApp Plus on your mobile and enjoy this extra featured app on your mobile phone. 

What Makes Whatsapp Plus Better Than Whatsapp Original App?

Download and install the app on your Android device and enjoy all its exciting features. Scroll download to read about some advanced features of the app. 

Privacy Mod:

WhatsApp+ offers lots of privacy aspects with its privacy mode which makes the user more private and confidential. You will feel more comfortable with this feature of the application.

Hide Online Status: 
It lets you hide your online status so you will show yourself as offline to your friends and colleagues although you are online. This is one of the features of the app to keep your privacy. 

Hide Last Seen Blue Tick: 
One of the unique privacy features of the app is last seen blue ticks by which you can hide last seen from others and you can easily hide blue ticks after reading the messages. 

Hide Second Tick: 
With this modified version application you can hide the second ticks for contacts, friends and groups although you have received the message from them. 

Ban Proof Mod: 
WhatsApp Plus offers an exclusive Ban Proof Mod (Anti-Ban) Mode by which you don’t have to scare of barring form WhatsApp

Hide Typing Tick: 
With it, you can hide typing tick for your contacts. You can hide the status of the message shown in grey and blue ticks. Your contact can’t see your message typing status. 

Hide Recording Status: 
It lets you hide your recording status for your contacts and groups when you recording a voice message to them and you can also hide blue microphone while sending a voice message your contacts and loved ones. 

Anti-Revoke Option: 
with this feature of the app enables you to read the deleted text messages. It is really one of the amazing and lucrative options you will find in WhatsApp Plus APK. You can view and read all the removed texts by enabling Anti Revoke option. 

Video Calling: 
It enables you to make video calls you don’t need to install any other app for video calls. It supports high-quality video calls over the Internet for free. 

Auto Reply: 
The interesting feature of this modded application is it lets auto-reply to all chats, messages that you receive in WhatsApp+ when you are busy. 

Hide View Status: 
You can hide your view status so namelessly you can see your contacts and other users’ status anonymously. 

Support Multiple Languages: 
WahtsApp+ APK supports multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, French and more while the regular version only supports the English language. Now you can talk and chat in your regional languages with your regional contacts. 

Send Videos Clips: 
You can send video clips up to 30 MBs, to your friends and can send the image as well. It also offers many options to change the size and quality of the videos and images. 

Send Large Files: 
Send large size documents, files up 100 MBs in any format such as PDFs, worksheets, Word documents, or powerpoint slides. 

Multiple fonts and editing: 
This modded version also offers a wide verity of font options and a lot of tick graces and hides the notifications within the application. It provides an option to customize the chat screen and edit it as per your convenience. 

Share Presentations: 
By this modified version you can share among your friends and contacts video clips, audio clips, presentations and so on. 

Chat in Groups: 
It lets you make a group of more than 250 members and chat with them at a time. 

Share Photos in Bulk:
You can easily share more than 10 photos at a time with friends and family members. 

Change Colour and Size of Image:
Let you disable of many functions such as voice notes, animations, icon colours, size of the image, size of contacts image and notifications can easily be changed. 

Options to Change Size of Files: 
Another unique feature of WhatsApp Plus is it lets you change the size limit of sent files from 2, to 50 MB. There are also options for keeping the size and quality of images and videos. 

Stylish Visual Themes: 
The most interesting feature of WhatsApp+ APK is it offers more than 700 free of cost stylish visual themes. So, you can entirely change the look by selecting different stylish visual themes. You can install directly from WhatsApp Plus 

Free of Ads and Safe: 
WhatsApp Plus is totally free to download and install no in-app purchases and free of ads and harmful threats. 

Edit Appearance and Settings of The App:
In addition to this app have no less than six menus for editing appearance and settings: 
  • Header, colours and size of chat images 
  • Appearance and size of pop-up notifications 
  • Header and size of contacts’ image 
  • Size and colours of widgets 
  • Disabling of functions such as voice notes, animations 
  • Colour of the launcher icon 
The above some entire cool features of WhatsApp Plus that makes it different from its original version. On the other hand, if, you want to make especially the look of WhatsApp and want more control over stuff like notifications and sending pictures, WhatsApp Plus is the perfect and best alternative for you. So, download the free app via its APK from below given download source and enjoy WhatsApp Pus exploration. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is WhatsApp Plus available on Google Play?

It could be better if this was available on Play Store. As you know Google Play Store doesn’t offer cracked version or modified versions of the apps. WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of official WhatsApp so; that’s why it is not available on Play Store. To get this modified version you have to download it from below on this page for free.

Is WhatsApp Plus safe to use?

Although it is the cracked version and offers lots of free features for Android users. Personally, I am using this modified version since for a long time and do not found it untrusted or unsafe but most users considering modified apps are not as such safe as original ones. So, it’s up to you either you are going with it or with the original one.

How WhatsApp PLUS provides extra features as hiding Online status etc.?

The information is communicated to the WhatsApp server by the device. When you open WhatsApp on your device your activities and information have been documented by WhatsApp servers.

But in Modded version of WhatsApp prevents the sign in information spread to the WhatsApp server so it shows you as offline. So this is device based tasks and can be reformed. Android is open source platform so Modding of the device based process and constituents are possible (FYI WhatsApp PLUS exclusive for Android).

How to use WhatsApp Plus?

As I mentioned in the article it has the same usages as regular WhatsApp APK has. The basic functionalities such as video calls, audio call, sharing photos and sending messages are similar. It is as simple as the native version APK of the app. it is free to use, but the user authorization is the same as the official WhatsApp.

Why WhatsApp Plus instead of Regular WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Plus APK gives you extra features as compared to the original version. In the native APK, you can only use limited features. But with the Plus version, you can use some amazing aspects for free of cost such directly download unlimited themes for free; you can change themes, hide your online status, hide blue ticks, change the background and explore many more features.

Does WhatsApp Plus need rooted devices?

WhatsApp+ doesn’t need rooted devices. Feel free to install it on any of Android device with Android 4.0 Ice cream, sandwich or above. You can easily use the non-rooted android device to install WhatsApp Plus APK. You don’t need to root your device for downloading and installing this app. The installation process is already mentioned above.

Is WhatsApp free to download?

Yes, indeed it is completely free to download you don’t have to pay any cost while downloading and installing it from below on this page.

How you can install WhatsApp Plus without losing Chats?

  • For that, you just follow the following steps. 
  • At very first you need to download and install the app from the given download source. 
  • Then open the pre-installed official WhatsApp APK and go to settings>Chats>Backup and then backup all the chats. 
  • Now uninstall the regular version of the app and install Plus version of WhatsApp. 
  • Complete the registration and tap to restore backups your backups will be restored in your app. 
  • Finally, you will get the WhatsApp Plus without losing your chat data. 


So, hope you will get the points as I discussed each and every aspect of WhatsApp Plus 2018 APK. This was all about WhatsApp+ the modded version of official WhatsApp. Download the app from below provided download link for free and install it on your Android device or tablet and enjoy the WhatsApp Plus experiences. This really absolutely and great app to communicate with great privacy. 

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