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App Hider – Hide Apps APK Latest Download for Android

Download Free App Hider – Hide Apps APK Latest Version  for Android
App Hider – Hide Apps APK Keep private and secure all the private stuff that you have installed on your Android mobile phone with App – Hide Apps APK. This app helps you to hide your photos, images, private videos and other important data from snoopers. Now you can keep your privacy by hiding apps, photos and other files. Never worry about your private and other important data after download and install of App Hider - Hide Apps APK on your android phone or tablet. You don’t need to worry about others borrow your device and access your private things, or open your social apps. Let anyone use your mobile phone because now your device is more protected than before. Nobody can easily access your secretive files. Download the app from below given download source or from Google Play.

App Hider APK allows you to hide apps, games, photos, video and private folders and protect them easily. It also lets you import the folders from your Android device to your gallery with great ease. Others cannot see your photos and files that you hide with this amazing hider app. only you can browse your hide apps, images, videos and other important and private stuff. Without removing the application that has been hidden in the app hider on the phone interface, the application can be taking place in the App Hider or in the phone interface. This app is very easy to use and compatible with all type of android devices. It offers dual options such as password and non-password to protect your security. You can reset your settings and password at any time. Not only hide pictures but with it, you can also hide videos and can easily browse protected videos or pictures in hider’s gallery. 

Features of the App Hider – Hide Apps APK:

  • This is much convenient and very easy to use. 
  • You can easily hide all the installed apps without rooting your device. 
  • It offers you both options with a password and non-password protection. 
  • You can anytime reset your password and settings. 
  • Apps can exist in hider and the main interface of the mobile phone. 
  • You can easily hide videos and play them from your gallery. 
  • You can hide photos, images; videos to protect them and avoid others find them. 
  • Ie lets you hide apps without root. 
  • You can easily import apps in app hider and remove them from your system.
  • You can use the calculator as the cover of your secret desktop to hide apps.
  • Nobody can access these apps except you.
How to use App Hider - Hide Apps APK?

This application is very simple to use due to having friendly user interfaces. Download the App from below given download URL source for free. The first time to start or in a secure state, do not need to enter the app hider PIN. Concealed and discreet calculator vault. Then tap for the protection sign to jump "setup PIN now “activity, then fixed the PIN for App Hider APK. Once you exit App Hider, it will turn to the calculator’s image to cover before App Hider’s sign and keep functioning as a usual calculator.

How to hide photos or videos with App Hider APK?

Hiding apps, photos, videos and other secret files are very simple with this app. simply hit the App hider interface gallery icon use by using gallery module. Now add the input wallet name to create a folder. And then select the photos, videos, and other secret files that you want to hide them from snooping eyes. Then hit the save button to import the selected stuff into the created secretive folder.

How to add Apps to App Hider APK?

To add apps to the Apps Hider APK just go to the hidden display interface and then tap to add app key. You can see the device within the application. Now select the app to add to the calculator vault App Hider. Then simply click on the import apps button and add your all private apps.

How delete Apps from App Hider - Hide Apps?

Deleting of apps from App Hider is very easy. Simply hit a long press in the hidden app's interface, which is the pop-up delete sign. Now select and drag the apps that you want to delete then hit on the delete icon and delete the hidden apps.

How to reset App Hider’s PIN? 

Just do a long press in the hidden app's interface for reset PIN. You will ask to enter a 4 digit numbers as your password. Enter your 4 digit PIN numbers as your password then type new password and make confirmations.

Note: please note that such as uninstall outside the application has been hidden ant the App Hider will not copy the App’s original data to the same app in the App Hider.

So, download the latest APK file of App Hider – Hide Apps from below provided download URL source for free. Install it on your android mobile phone or tablet and start to hide your private stuff. 
This amazing tool is offered by Hide Apps and it requires Android 4.1 and up.

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