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AppLock APK Latest Download Free for Android

Download Free AppLock Latest Version Android APK File
AppLock APK FileEven though Android tablets and smartphones come with inbuilt safety such as pattern lock security and keyword but sometimes the android user wants to lock single apps whenever required. Suppose you will never manage to allow someone to get entrance your confidential emails, messenger communications, WhatsApp, Gmail, Instagram or any other personal application same like this. To make your secrecy top safe and sound, App Lock Free APK is the best option for every android user which lets you lock and secure applications that select with a single click. For the super security of your Android device just download the free and latest APK of AppLock from down here on this page and start to lock certain applications where confidentiality is concerned. Keep protecting your privacy with password, fingerprint, and pattern lock.

This privacy protecting application is multilingual and supports more than 32 languages. It has a vast number of user bases from all around the world. According to official stats, AppLock is using more than 50 countries and about more than 300 million users around the world are already using this feature-rich application to protect their privacy. With this privacy protecting app you can lock Facebook, Instagram, Messages, SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, device setting, incoming calls and all another app you select to lock on the go. AppLock ensures that your private contents are never accessed by unauthorized people as well as secured you other select stuff with great security.

Where the app locks applications with pattern or fingerprints, it acclimatizes a different way when it comes to hiding photos and videos. The hidden photos and videos are removed from the gallery so they don’t appear in the galley to any further extent and only visible in the image and video vault. So nobody can view your private stuff on your android device by preventing third parties and unauthorized persons. They only can appear in the vault of the applock which can be only viewed by given pattern lock or typing the password you fixed for it.

Having a lot of attractive features, the uniqueness of the applock is the incoming call locking feature; this feature is not having lots of other privacy-protecting apps. If your cell phone is away from you and somebody calls you, then the call can be received by someone. In such a scenario AppLock works for you it locks the incoming calls hence only you can attain the calls. It is one of the best privacy protection which offers by applock and you can dialogue to the individual who calls you on your cell phone. Furthermore, it eats very small memory of your device and its power saving mode consume less power to save battery.

Confidentiality is a great concern for smart cell phone and tablets that offer videos and gaming features. Assume that if you have mounted several of addictive games on your android smartphone or tablet or if you have downloaded bundle of hot songs and videos then you can’t negate whenever your colleague or friend request you to give your phone to him. After taking your phone he wants to look out the videos on your device or he wish to play any game on your device, then you cannot make any justifications and simply allows the person to do it. Furthermore, you cannot reject the request of your kid by handing over your to him. In these situations, your secrecy may be negotiated or the child may mess up with the settings of your cell phone. To retain others away from the sensitivity settings and secretive data stored on your cell phone or android device simply download the APK file of AppLock android app from down here on this page for free and give a great security to your secrecy on your android device.

After downloading and installing applock on your device, you may need to take some more steps to make sure your privacy is top secure. If inappropriately configured, others may uninstall the app from your device. To stop other people from uninstalling the app on your device, you must enable advanced protection in the setting of applock and uninstallation of the app disabled. So nobody can uninstall or kill applock without a password. You can also disable advance protection when you don’t need it. In addition to it offers random keyboard and invisible pattern lock. Thus no more worry others may peep the password or pattern. It is really more safe and secure.

If you are searching for a privacy protection app, then you are in a right place and you can download the latest APK file of AppLock from below given link for free. Install the app on your android device or tablet and make your privacy safer. It will enable pattern lock, fingerprint lock or password on videos, images, apps and setting of your smart android cell phone. It is completely free with all basic features but users may upgrade to more advanced features within the app too. To secure all private content on your Android tablet or smartphone, download the free APK of the app from below and never worry about your private stuff on your device. 
AppLock APK is offered by DoMobile Lab and it requires Android 4.0 and up.

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