Friday, 14 July 2017

S Launcher (Galaxy S7 Launcher) APK Latest Download Free for Android

Launchers are basically applications that offer a simple to use an expression to your android devices or smartphones with the aim that turns out to be exceptionally to make use of them. Suppose, you have bought an Android device for your maternal uncle and he is not really familiar with the advanced technology and it is a bit concern for him to use that Android device the way it is. In such a case you should apply these straightforward launcher apps that offer very simple to use and good look to the device, for an instant, phone calls, display, messages and several other important applications will generate the top list of options and your maternal uncle will then be a joyful user. 

S Launcher is one of the most graceful and highly customizable launchers that are known for their attractive design and wonderful features that truly captivate the hearts of users throughout the globe. Here in this tutorial, I am trying my best to write some of the key features of this launcher APK. You can download its free APK form down here on this page as well.

S Launcher is the most polished, profoundly adjustable Galaxy S6, S7 style (Touch Wiz style) launcher. Some of the main features of the S Launcher areas listed below. 

S Launcher (Galaxy S6, S7 Launcher) APK
Features of S Launcher (Galaxy S6, S7) APK: 

  • S Launcher APK is completely free to download and very simple to use. 
  • It supports the symbolic theme, compatible with more than 5000 symbolic packs and themes that made for go launcher, zenith launcher and nova launcher even more if other launcher’s theme/icon pack use common configuration, they can use as part of S Launcher also. 
  • It offers translucent status bar and route bar (only for Android 4.4, Android 5.0 device, and Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, Galaxy Tab/ Note devices and some other supported devices. 
  • S Launcher has Galaxy S6, S7 touch wiz Launcher looking over effect which is categorically enhanced to the loveliness of this application. 
  • The Launcher offers menu options in application drawer and strengthens four-way approaches to sort drawers. Click here for more useful Launchers.
  • It provides a helpful and handy sidebar with cleaner, Torch, favourite apps and many more. 
  • You can able to resize any widget and every device with S Launcher. 
  • The app supports backup and reestablishes launcher setting and layout.
  • It lets you import format form another launcher and shares other data but it possible only among S6 and S7 Android phones. 
Download the latest APK of S Launcher to explore many other stunning features that are available inside the app. Download the apps APK from below given downloaded link and give an attractive look to your smartphone. Stay tuned for more useful apps and games. 
S Launcher (Galaxy S6, S7 Launcher) is developed by ZhangAn Inc. and it requires Android 4.0 and up.

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