Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Swapper for Root & Tools APK (Latest) v3.0.15 Download Free for Android

Download Free Swapper for Root and Tools (Latest Version) Android APK 

Swapper for Root is a top progressive tool for Android devices and tablets that let you produce and bring about your android devices swap memory file without making and creating a swap partition on your SD card. Before going to use Swapper for Root you must make sure that your device supporting root and supports for the kernel swap or not because this app supports rooted and for the kernel swap devices. 
With Swapper for Root, you can configure and modify the swap size according to your requirement. The default value is set at 60 and it can be improved up to 100 on the need basis. The most important thing is that Swapper for Root manages swap without any partition of SD card. Therefore it creates any partitions on your devices SD card not it manages an already created one. Download the latest APK file from below on this page or you can grab it from Google Play Store as well. This amazing material design application has some great features which are listed below.

Download Free Swapper for Root and Tools Latest Version Android APK
Features of Swapper for Root & Tools APK:

  • The app is completely free to download and much simpler to use.
  • It works as like a Root Checker.
  • It offers swap usage along with the globular measuring scale. 
  • Swapper for Root provides memory usage with circular measurement. 
  • It supports you share swapper and tool links with your friends through social media. 
  • The app will offer a task manager by which you can execute extra background application, thus will get more free memory on your device. 
  • With the setting page of Swapper of Root, you will able to activate swap file by on booting.
  • You can select the swap file size and its location with smart swappiness. 
  • Swappiness parameters let you set your Android device to check how it uses swap. 
  • You can swap more to get higher values and swap less for lower values of swapping. 
  • The app supports Root and kernel swaps. No need of swap partition on SD card. 
  • This tool does not partition the SD card. 
For grabbing the latest APK file of the advanced tool of Swapper for Root just follow the below given downloading link. Install the APK file on your android device or tablet by downloading it right from below and test it either it properly works for you or not.
Swapper for Root & Tools APK is offered by DevLab Technologies and it requires Android 4.0 and up.

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