Tuesday, 11 December 2018

WiFi Free APK Latest Download Free for Android

Download WiFi Free APK Latest Version for Android 

WiFi Free APKSimply download the WiFi Free App from below on this page and start to grab the passwords of every WiFi network nearby you based on your locality. Factually this App is not password hacker or something like that. WiFi Free is an authorized application which lists passwords of WiFi networks shared by true people who are living in your locality. You can take the initiative to find the WiFi hotspot if you are interested or living near in an area such as five-star hotels, cafe or any other famous public places with the availability of WiFi networks, then WiFi Free works more accurately and more successfully.

Suppose you are living very nearer to a famous cafe in Washington DC and you know the password of WiFi networks available there and you want to help other people living around there, you can simply share the password of the networks with WiFi Free APK. All WiFi passwords shared by you will be automatically detected by other users who are living nearby that famous cafe with WiFi Free App and they will also be able to connect to the Internet by using your shared WiFi Free password.

With this Android App you can easily find out any famous WiFi hotspots in a range of 5 kilometres and you can enjoy free Internet on the fly by using WiFi Free Android APK. One of the smart and unique functions of WiFi is it will remind you whenever any WiFi hotspot is available nearby you.
Moreover, if you are not able to find out any public hotspot nearer to you, simply wait for a while unless somebody living nearby you will share the password any available WiFi network on the app. If you know as such password of any network then you can easily share it with other peoples around you to help them to find out an Internet connection for free browsing.

WiFi Free will never tentatively record any WiFi hotspot information on your Android device, smartphone or tablet unless you tentatively share a WiFi hotspot.

Download the APK file of WiFi Free smart App form below and start sharing the password with others to help them while finding out any Internet connection with the help of WiFi Free Android App on the go!
The WiFi Free APK is offered by wifitool.net and it requires Android 4.1 and up. 

WiFi Free APK Latest Download Free for Android Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: ApksFile