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Zapya - File Transfer APK Latest Download for Android

Download Free Zapya - File Sharing, Transfer Latest Version APK for Android

Zapya - File Transfer, Sharing APK Download the most productive and world’s fastest tool of Zapya APK for transfer and sharing files from one device to another device. The time has gone when you were used to transferring files from device to device by connecting cables, through infrared or by Bluetooth. These all were very slow to transfer data or files from one device to another device. Zapya file sharing, Transfer is the supreme tool for transferring and sharing data or files from one android device to another android device. Most of the users throughout the World prefer to send and receive files through Zapya. It is easy to use, fast and reliable for users. Download the latest APK file from below on this page.

Zapya file sharing, Transfer allows you to transfer and sharing files form Androids, iPhones, iPads, Window Phones, Tizen, PCs, and MAC with high speed. To send and receive files is not only about speed, but it is also cost-less means all for free transferring and sharing through Zapya. The App is super easy and very simple to use for users. This tool lets you create hotspots for sharing files as you can join anyone else generated network to send or receive file at great speed. To send files through Zapya you just require tapping a visible and noticeable button located on the app then simply select the file that you want to transfer or share.   

What you can do with Zapya - File Transfer, Sharing APK?

  • Users can Transfer and share files without any mobile data connection or Wi-Fi connection. You don’t need any mobile data and save internet charges while transferring and sharing files.
  • Zapya can easily and smartly backup your android device and transfer files from your old mobile phone to your new device phone.
  • One of the lovely features of Zapya is, to transfers files of any format and size for free across multiple platforms. Users can share files across devices like Androids, iOS, Windows XP/7/8/10, MAC OSX, Windows 8.1,10 and Web. This great ability of Zapya APK ensures you to don’t face any trouble while sending and receiving or sharing files from device to device without cables. 
  • Zapya offers you an instantaneous transferring speed and fastest file sharing option out there. You can share and transfers file up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth and infrared.
  • The most beautiful features of the app are, to sharing or transfers multiple files of all formats in a group of friends. Zapya is the best solution by enabling the group sharing of files. You can create a group of up to 4 devices and connect them simultaneously! These devices will receive sharing files easily without consumption of time.
  • While linking to networks created by the Zapya APK, it offers the task of connecting the network by making personalized QR codes. Others can link your generated network easily by scanning the generated QR codes. In such a manner, the creators of Zapya - File Transfer, Sharing are trying to bring their best user-experience on devices where file sharing is a most important. 
  • Zapya offers you an opportunity to play games as well. Join in action and play games with others friends without using any cellular data! Whenever you get feeling bore? By fetching games for you, the APK delights you also in accumulation to creating the file transfer and sharing task the easiest for you.
  • With Zapya now you can send and transfer large size of files such as in size of GBs easily without any difficulty as well as without paying any charges on the data transfer and sharing. As for as file size is a concern, there isn't any limit on the file size. The app gives you a reliable connection with the highest success ratio irrespective of the file size.
  • Over 450 million users around the world using the fastest device for cross-platform transferring and sharing files. This shows the popularity of the Zapya app.
  • Zapya supports multiple languages include English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia, Italian, Burmese, Persian, Vietnamese, Thai and Portuguese.
So, download the latest APK file of Zapya app from below provided link for free and start the transfer, sharing and sending/receiving files at highest speed all for free!
Zapya is offered by DewMobile Inc. The required Android is android 4.0.3 and up.

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